Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 Weeks

It's official, they're growing. This week I had to move them out of their newborn diapers because they were leaving little red marks on their thighs. Their size ones are still big, but I couldn't stand to see those marks. :S

How sweet my little girls are getting! Being their mom is so much fun these days. I absolutely love spending the time they're awake together, even if it's just with me talking to them or us playing under their play gym.

 One day they'll grow into the ridiculously big bows I've bought them. ;)
 How sweet it is to have a sleeping baby in your arms.
 Bath time is finally starting to get enjoyable for all parties involved!

 Someone can't stop staring at herself. Haha
 Sweet Kate
 Kara always looks like she's about to fight someone.
 High YA! Haha.
 This is the look I get from Kate most days.
 I finally got caught up on organizing the girls bigger clothes. (Since their closet is so small I can only fit newborn through 3/6 in there right now. This is all 6 month - 18 month stuff.) Hey, when you have two, you have to buy clearance at the end of the season.
 I bet they think their mom is so silly sometimes.
Cuddling with my little Kare Bear. Somedays I can't believe how lucky I am.

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