Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life in P'cola Thus Far..

     After the wedding, life became very fast paced. The time came where Luke and I had to pack up our entire apartment and move four states away. This was very difficult for me. If nothing else because I had to leave my kids. I had to quit my job at Montessori a week before we moved, and I didn't know if I'd be able to do it without tears. The road was rough, but it eventually led us here.
     Here being Pensacola, FL. We didn't really know what was going to happen. The only thing I knew for sure was the military had all of our stuff, except what fit in the truck and car. Moving with a dog, btw, was quite interesting. I imagine it's similar to having a toddler. Haha. We made the inital trip in 13 hours. When we finally got here, it took us well over an hour to find a hotel that accepted pets. The day came and went and we the next day we went apartment shopping. The previous week I spent several days apartment shopping online. We went down my list, and finally found the apartment that fit our needs. Sweet little bonus, we got a military discount of $50!
     We moved down here with no furniture. All we had was a bed, and our entertainment center. We found all of our furniture on craigslist for very reasonable prices. Luke and I found a washer for $50, and the guy threw in the dryer for free b/c it needed work. Well all Luke had to do was change the belt, which he did, and it works great! I'm so glad to have a mechanic husband. :) We sat in our camping chairs for the first few weeks, and I finally couldn't take it anymore. We then found a $4000 couch, and we only paid $250 for it! It was only a year old. It's a sectional with a full pull out bed in the middle. I was so stoked! We also were tired of eating at the couch all the time. Luke went on a mission to find us a table. Which, he did! He found us an oak table with four matching chairs, for FREE! The only thing I don't really like about our kitchen is the lack of cabinet space. To solve this problem, we found a china hutch. Oh, we also bought a new matress and boxsprings set, and put our old ones in the spare room. Luke had his books from school all over the floor by the entertainment center. It drove me nuts! So, we went to Wal-mart and got two bookshelves and a coffee table all for $50!

Our Dining Room

As you walk in the front door

The Living Room/Patio

Our entertainment center. We hope to replace the t.v. with a bigger one soon. :)
     When we moved, we just had Dani. Dani is a black and tan dauschund/beagle mix. We like to call him a Weagle/Beaner. Haha! Anyway, Luke and I adopted Dani back in '07. He's like our baby. Haha. But, he became really sullen, and had a lack of interest in playing anymore. I was afraid he'd became depressed from missing his friends Angel and Magwye. So, Luke and I decided we'd look for another puppy, and if we found one that seemed to fit, we'd adopt. Well, we did. We found Delyla in the Mobile Animal Shelter, and I fell in love the moment I held her. When we brought her home..of course Dani wasn't happy at first, but he's since learned to love her.

     Luke has always challenged me. While here we've since been parasailing. Something I never would have done on my own.

     Life for me has been slow. When we moved down here I began looking for another teaching job. Which I quickly learned wasn't going to happen. Most of the school down here require you to have a CDA before you teach, and I do not. :s. School had already started, so I couldn't begin it either. Most of the jobs available are for older people, or nurses. Haha. If I were a nurse I'd have it made! Lol. I'm not really concerned about it right now. Luke and I aren't struggling, and I'm enjoying just being a housewife. To cook, and clean, and take care of the house and my husband. With us being seperated for so long during our courtship, it's been really nice. :) That's been pretty much it. We're just waiting for the next phase of flight school, API. Which should be in Nov. sometime. Until next time..stay good!


  1. You're apartment is really cute. Maybe you should come decorate mine. The nursery is done, but I'm out of energy to finish the rest. My poor house!

  2. i just started bawling when i seen all you pictures hung up.... love it adrian!

  3. Aaw, well if it weren't for you we wouldn't have so many to put up! haha