Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fairy Tale Beginning

    I said I'd blog about our wedding, and I'm going to. Our engagement was a little shorter than I'd hoped for originally. Like I said, Luke proposed to me last Thanksgiving, and we had tentatively set the date for Sept. 19th of this year. The Navy had other plans, and so, mine changed. I ended up shoving six months worth of planning into two. I did my best though. :) I think it turned out well, if I say so myself. We'd wanted to marry in the CoC in Salem, but they were booked in June. So, it hit me. This was my chance to jump on the chapel I'd been eyeing for most of my teenage years. I learned about the Thorncrown several years ago, and I fell in love the first time I saw it.

It sits in the hills, nestled in the woods of Eureka Springs, AR. It's a chapel that's completely built out of glass. It's all the beauty of having an outdoor wedding, with AIRconditioning! AWEsome is all I have to say, AND it's beautiful.
     The chapel was a little difficult to book, there weren't ANY saturdays open, so we ended up booking our wedding for Sunday, June 7th. Next came the dress..I searched and searched, I knew what I wanted. Something that just made me feel beautiful. I finally broke down and went to see Lil at Lil's Bridal in Mtn. Home. She knows me like the back of my hand. The very first dress she pulled off the shelf was this..
It was perfect. The ultimate princess dress. Sweetheart neckline, completely beaded bodice, and full ( I mean full) A-line skirt. The skirt had scattered beads all down the layers of tuelling too. The only problem was..it didn't have a train! Well, Ms. Lil is amazing. She hand made my train, AND veil! I can't tell you how excited I was. What an awesome thing to be able to say. My dress was truly one of a kind, and I felt amazing in it. :)
I went simple with my accessories.

     Then it came down to the little details, like the M.O.H. dress. Oh btw, Ms. Amanda Storm was my awesome Maid of Honor. She knew just how to keep me calm, AND she looked awesome in her dress that we finally decided on..

It was great! Strapless with a sweetheart neckline, a little bow around the waist, and a tea-length bubble skirt! Perfection!
     Then the boys tuxes.. :) Luke's best man was his twin Lynn.

We went pretty simple. Just white vests and ties.
     We did something pretty cool with our guest book. Our photograher (Ms. Jamie Swetnam, www.lifeasaphoto.com, CHECK HER OUT, she's amazing!) did our engagement pictures too. She made a book out of all our pictures, and our guest signed beside the pictures!

The flowers were a pretty simple addition. I knew I wanted gerber daisies, and Luke had no objections..so I went with our colors. Our colors were light yellow, orange, and watermelon. So summery, and very bright. :) My bouquet was a dozen, and Amanda's was a half dozen. They turned out really well.
     I knew from the git-go that Jessi Harbour from the Shiny Lime would be doing our hair and make-up. She's been my stylist for..years. That's not an exaggeration! Haha, since my junior year in High school. She's amazing, and I love her to death. :) (BTW, it's been murder on me to be down here w/o her. I've still yet to find a stylist. :(. )

We went simple, and chic with Manda's do. Also, I did her make-up. I did awesome if I do say so myself. I loved when she'd let me play with her make-up. :)

Then it was my turn!

Then it was time to get dressed! Another big player in our big day was Ms. Meagan Blizzard. She was so fantastic. I was very blessed to be surrounded by girls that loved me, and knew how to keep me grounded.

I was alright all morning long..until the girls slipped my dress over my head. It hit me all at once..I was getting married today!

Then it was off to the ceremony! My dress literally took up the entire back seat!

Once I arrived at the chapel, I was bombarded by people. It kind of overwhelmed me. And then it was ceremony time! The actual ceremony flew by. I mean that quite literally. I think the entire process took 15 minutes. But it wasn't without some tears on my end..and maybe a little on Amanda's too. ;)

And it was all sealed with a kiss.

Luke's new family.

And most of mine.

Then we drove away, only to go downtown and take some AMAZING pictures.

Isn't it crazy? We did all this...just to say, "Baby, we're MARRIED!"

I'm so glad to say, "Yes, I'm a military wife." I love Luke, and he loves me. I know that God will carry us through any trials we face. We have each other, and a good family to depends on. I love this crazy rollercoaster we call our life. :)


  1. beautiful pictures- beautiful wedding! I'm so glad you found someone who can give you the happiness you deserve! LOVE YOU!

  2. :) Love you too Em, SO glad you were able to be there with us!

  3. crying still. you told the day to beautifly.
    i am so happy for you both. so glad to have been a part of the wedding.

  4. Well we wouldn't have known what to do without ya! :)