Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Past Month

     Man! We have been pretty busy! I've totally neglected blogging. Sorry! Haha.

Luke and I went easy this Halloween.

We caught this one afternoon. We have to have the laziest pups in the world!

Delyla and her Daddy. She loves him.

     I went on a women's retreat with our church in early Nov. It was a ton of fun. We stayed at a condo on the beach in Destin. We had our devos on the beach in the morning. Lots of laughs and silly girls being scared out of their minds. Haha. Oh girl bonding!
     Luke and I went out to meet some of his friends down at Seville.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget. I totally accidentally dyed my hair gray. Apparently when you put an ash on light blonde it turns gray! Who'd have thunk it? Haha

This was the first attempt

The second totally made it worse.
And then I tried one more time. Which I gave up after that. Jessi will fix it when I go home...hopefully. :D


  1. Haha- Age your hair is cracking me up. Did you get it fixed? That is too funny.
    Oh and your halloween costumes were cute. Miss you!

  2. Haha, no not yet. I have an appointment with Jess as soon as I get in town. I can't wait. It's driving me insane!

  3. I KNOW! I was texting her trying to fix it at home. I finally gave up after the 3rd try, and am coming to see her as soon as I can! Haha