Monday, November 30, 2009

36 Hours in a Car..Wow.

     Thanksgiving BREAK!
     Holy cow we were so excited. We decided to go visit Thomas and Elysia in Laurel MD for Thanksgiving. Since we couldn't leave our pups behind, we decided to drive. Did I mention this means 16 hours being stuck in the car? Holy crap. Oh yeah, and Delyla get's car sick..that was fun. We decided to try to dose them before we left..

Dani was totally concerned. He knew something was up.

But Lyla...let's just say it makes her extremely hyper.
     Oh yeah, and right after this, I put the camera down and totally didn't get any pictures this entire week. What a goober I am!
     Well we left P'cola at 3, and had to stop and get gas. By 3.30 Delyla had thrown up twice, and Dani kicked our GPS cord..which by the way was the only way the GPS would stay on. Needless to say, it crapped out and we went the entire trip w/o one. Luckily I had asked Luke to print us up directions. GOOD for ME, because we totally forgot our atlas too. Haha. The rest of the trip went pretty easy, we hit traffic MAJOR while I was driving outside of D.C. and had to practically sit still. It took us a good hour and a half to move five miles. That's not an exaggeration. We finally made it to their house a little after 9 in the morning.
     Wed. went pretty quickly. I think Luke and I underestimated how tired we were. We ended up crashing until like 3 that afternoon. We went out to dinner with the Morses. Elysia had to work :(. ALL week. We got home and the boys bonded over Halo.
     Thanksgiving day Luke and I got up early to bake our pumpkin pie. We spent the rest of the day with Luke and Thomas' sponsor parents, the Gerdes. They were so sweet. It was a lot of fun.
     Friday! Luke and I got up and went to Walmart to try to get us a new GPS. BOO Walmart. Totally advertised that they'd have TomToms for $59. They were $89 when we got there. So stupid. I was really upset. Then we all went to the movies to see New Moon. Fun fun! :)
     Sat. We TRIED to leave by 10. That didn't happen. The Morses wanted to go to brunch, we decided on IHOP. My fav! We ended up leaving by noon. We got stuck in D.C....again. That was fun. Oh! We were driving half-way to stay with Ms. Meagan in South Carolina. We were SO excited. :) Anyways, what was supposed to be an 8 hour drive, took 10 and a half. That was fun. Oh yeah, and we flipping lost to LSU. What is WRONG with Arkansas' coach? We're in OVERTIME and you leave it up to our KICKER? The same danged guy that lost us the Florida game? AH what a crappy decision! :( I was totally bummed.
     Sun. Meagan took us on a tour of Columbia. Such a cute city. We went to brunch at a little place called Liberty. Awesome. :) We were sad to leave, but glad we got to visit with her. We miss you Ms. Meagan! :)
     Anyways, we ended up leaving around 12.30. Again, only supposed to be an 8 hour drive, didn't get home until 10.30. And AGAIN I was the one driving while we got stuck in traffic in Atlanta..I sat still for an 1 1/2. This time at least I got to drive 9 miles. Haha. We saw 3 wrecks on our way home. Bad ones where five cars had both front and rear ends smashed in. Guess what people?! That's what happens when you drive 80 and tailgate someone and they slam on their breaks! Use your brain!
     At the end of the day we had a blast. Luke and I bonded, and the dogs had fun traveling, minus car sickness. (I've figured out it takes an hour to get the hyperness out of Lyla's system, and then she totally crashes for several hours! Haha) We're so thankful for families and our dear friends. We love all of ya'll and can't wait to go home for Xmas. :) Hope you guys enjoyed your Turkey Day too!


  1. Geeze Adrian- could your holiday have been anymore crazy? I don't envy that trip. I thought traveling with a 3-month old was bad. No way- I'd take Tanner over two drugged dogs any day. haha

  2. Haha, probablly not. I can't imagine trying to travel with a small infant. You sound like you've got it down though! Haha