Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And API Begins..

And so does my role as a military wife.

     Luke started API on monday. For those civilians out there, that stands for Aviation Pre-Flight Indoctorine. This is pretty much ALL school work. As in, right now he's learning Aerodynamics. What the heck?! Haha. There's no way in heck I could ever help him with that stuff!
     Of course, right off the bat they had to take a PRT. He passed, luckily. I've heard it gets a lot worse for those boys if they don't. Then it was school until 4 in the afternoon. I think he knew he was going to start being a lot more sparse around here, so he stopped and picked me up some flowers. Sweet, right? I know. I love him to death, even if I have to sit on the back burner for a while.

Gerber Daisies! My favorite. :)
     So, my life right now consists of keeping myself busy. I put up our tree Monday. (Mostly by myself! I totally rearranged the living room by myself, and put the goofy thing up, AND strung the lights. I let Luke put the ornaments on. :) )Went shopping Tuesday. Am considering christmas shopping today. Oh yeah, I've finally started working on my wedding scrapbook. I know I'm like six months late! Haha.

     I've been getting about an hour or so with Luke in the evenings. We'll eat dinner together, and they he studies until he goes to bed, which is usually well after I do. God bless him, and let's pray he does well. Only five and a half more weeks to go.
     And, what's even better?! We get to go home soon! Dec. 18th. I can't wait. I miss my family and friends so much. I know Luke's really excited. This trip will come half-way through API. He'll need a break. He hasn't been home since June, and I know it's killing him.
     Oh..the life of a wife. :)


  1. Be strong Age. You're a good wife.
    Oh and your tree looks awesome. I can't wait to see you. LOVE YOU!

  2. Thanks Em. :) Patience is definitely a virtue I'm gaining with time.