Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Little Things in Life.. :)

Isn't it funny how the little things in life make you happy? With all of the stress of our troubles with TTC, I have to find ways to destress and relax. :)
I started Yoga back when we lived in Pcola. The ladies from our church group did it on Mondays while the boys went to Poker. It was so fun and so relaxing that I totally fell in love with it. When we moved here and joined the Y, I was exstatic to find that they had classes. I was so nervous, but I've since found a class that I fit right into, even if the majority of the people in my class are 55+. Lol. They tease me for being young, but I know it's all in fun. I go every Tuesday and Thursday.

I recently started tanning again. This is something I'll only be able to continue until we find out we're expecting. But until then, it's amazing to crawl into a warm bed when it's SO danged cold up here.

Luke and I found this awesome little coffee place not long after we moved here. It's called Mountain Coffee Company. In March they were running a special on Tuesdays where it was buy one get one! Awesome! :D My favorite is called yoguchino. They can make it in pretty much any flavor you want. I get mine without expresso, and sugar-free. My favorite so far is dark chocolate! Yummy!
Occasionally I like to go get my toes done. :) It's something I used to do often in Pcola, since sandal weather is so often there. But since moving here, I haven't been able to wear sandals. It makes me sad, but here's hoping I can soon! :)

 So this isn't really something I do on a regular basis, but man is it awesome! Shopping! We found these a few weeks ago. Open-toed, hot pink heels, yes please! Love @ first sight! Lol.

I also love flowers. Those always make me happy. Lol. But painting is something else I do to relax. I can't wait to get started on this one! :)

That's what I do. How about you? :D


  1. I love this post! I'm so glad you're finding little things that make you happy! I'm hoping to start yoga in the park once we move this summer! Until then, it's just me and my workout DVDs. :)

  2. I love yoga! and coffee! and shopping! and flowers and pedicures and sometimes even tanning! LOVE IT! :)