Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local Scenery. ;)

As per a request from a dear friend, Ms. Stacy, I took my camera along with us last weekend when we went on a little road trip. There isn't anything to do in this town, so since the weathers been nice Luke and I have been exploring the towns around ours. Last weekend, Luke got a hankerin for some Sonic. If you're from the South, you know how wonderful Sonic is! If not, you probablly think we're crazy. We really only drove to this town, Great Falls, because they had a Sonic. Haha! It's two and a half hours away. Let me just say, those were amazing tater tots and the best cherry-limeade, ever. :D Anyway, below is the random pics I captured on the way to this town. I don't know the names of the Mountain ranges or anything, so sorry! Haha.

 A lot of the cliffs around here have these net things on them. I assume to try and keep the rocks from falling on the cars.

I thought this rock was an awesome color. It's so neat to see God's hand in things like this.

We passed this and I laughed. Silly looking rock formation.

 You can usually tell when it's going to snow soon. The clouds start to desend. (This is actually a mountain, but all you can see is the base.) Yippie for us, it did. The whole way home.
One of the few things that I actually know. This is the Missouri River. :)

This is usually what I have to look forward to. I miss color. It's so yellow and gray here all the time. It's really hard, especially now that I know it's supposed to be Spring. I miss Spring flowers, green grass, and everything else that goes along with that.

Cool little sunset after it stopped snowing. It's amazing to me that things like this can take my breath away. There ya'll go! I'm sure there will be more to follow once we can get out and explore some more. :)


  1. It will get prettier. Spring just happens a few months later than usual. Don't worry- it is pretty there eventually!

  2. The shout-out makes me feel special! :) I love all the trees, mountains, and the river! I hope you get your spring flowers soon!