Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date Night. :)

Luke and I have always tried to have "date nights." We tried to have one at least once a week, and I look forward to them each time. :)

This week, we stayed in for date night. (Flowers make me smile. :) ) Luke grilled steak, and I made baked potatoes. (A diet no-no, but I can't help it when we have a steak, I want a potatoe!)

I made a cool little cranberry spritzer I found in one of my cook books.

Then I made homemade chocolate covered strawberries. (They weren't very pretty, but they tasted amazing! Picking out strawberries here is like a twenty minute ordeal. It drives me crazy. I really wish we had a farmers market..even if they wouldn't have strawberries right now. It'd be worth it in the Summertime.)

Then I couldn't help it, I wanted a daquiri. Even if it was virgin. (Since I'm off caffeine and alcohol.) :)


  1. I can't believe you called those chocolate covered strawberries "not pretty." They are gorgeous! :D

  2. Oh Erika! That makes me happy. :) Well when I cut the corner of my zip lock baggie I cut the hole too big and the chocolate ended up being kind of globby. Oh well at least they were yummy!