Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some News..

While I debated not posting this, I think I'm going to just so I can continue to update throughout.

I got a BFP on Easter, very faint, but it was there. So I tested again the following morning, and the line was much darker. I tested on a digital and it came back, "pregnant." Every test since has been positive too. I told Luke that day, even though he said he already knew. I found a cute little camo onsie I wrapped and gave to him. :)

I had my first OB appt yesterday, however they didn't do much. Basically I just peed in a cup for them, and they drew blood. I will hopefully get my results back from the blood work tomorrow. The NP did however tell me that I was 4 weeks yesterday and due Jan. 2th 2012. Luke and I are very excited. However, he's a little upset we probablly won't be able to go home for the holidays. :P For good reason though!

Alright, so anyone that knows us IRL, please don't say anything. Luke and I are not announcing this pregnancy until I enter the 2nd tri-mester. The miscarriage rate is very high in women with PCOS, and frankly that's just a heartbreak that I don't want to have to relive if something does happen.

Here's hoping that the next month is uneventful. Our next appt is at the end of May, where hopefully we will be able to see our little snow bunny and hear the heartbeat. :)


  1. Oh Adrian!! I am so happy for you! I will be praying that this next month goes quickly and oh so smoothly! I love you girl!

  2. YAY! Even though I already knew its still fun to read about. Love ya girl. I'll be thinking about you non-stop!