Thursday, September 15, 2011

Workin on the Nursery!

Luke and I have been really busy working on the nursery! We finally got the cribs together. They're so cute! We ordered our bedding set too. Here's what we've done.

We weren't able to get another mattress when we bought this one. So as soon as I can I'll get the other one and get the second crib set up.

I'm planning on doing wall decals with these and making their mobiles.

I made their little bow board too! It turned out really cute.

I also made their closet dividers. :D
Look at all these's kind of ridiculous.

 Our little dividers in action!
 My little diaper and wipe stockpile. :D

 Our stroller! It's a bit bulkier than I wanted, but hey, it has to hold TWO babies! Haha
Our diaper bag gifted to us by the wonderful Ms. Meagan. :) I'm so thankful, and absolutely love it!

See! We've been busy! Haha. I think we're getting close to ready for the girls. All we lack now is the car seats! :D

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