Friday, October 14, 2011

Well...the results are in.

Well today was the day.

I was nervous...but I suppose that's a given.

They take me back, and I almost immediately freak out because they have me sit in the "blood draw" room. I didn't know they had to take PRE-testing blood. The lady tries to calm me by telling me they're going to put in an IV so they don't have to poke me over and over again. Well..she was wrong. She took one look at my arm from Tuesday (the right one) and said let's try the left. Mostly because I have a huge bruise from the blood drawn on Tues. So she pokes me..not once, not even twice, FIVE times. Not only that, she's digging the thing around in my arm trying to find the vein EACH time she poked me. I seriously bawled. It hurt so bad. She finally gave up when I started crying and said she'd try the other arm.

So she FINALLY gets it in my right. Which, I knew she would.. my vein is just better on that side. She gets it in, and the worst part is her shoving the thing way up my vein. Once it was over though I thought for sure the worst was over. They made me drink this stuff that was like flat sprite. (The other stuff they gave me on Tues was orange and just tasted like orange kool-aid.) So I drink it and she takes me back to this room where I sit for three hours.

Hour #1, the same nurse comes in. It hurt pretty bad when she drew my blood because she grabbed the IV and twisted..twice to get enough blood for the vile, and then shoved saline up the line.

Hour #2, a different set of nurses come in and do the same thing. This time they tied a tournequet on though, and it doesn't hurt nearly as bad.

Hour #3, the same set comes in and this time the intern does it. So, naturally it hurt a bit more. They're finally able to take my line out..and I'm DONE! Thank gosh.

Cut to 3.15, I get the phone call. I was kind of dreading it...I knew my chances weren't good. My doctors nurse told me she had good news. "You passed, with flying colors!" I was so happy I seriously almost cried on the phone. I can't believe I passed. God is so good, and I'm so thankful he's taking such good care of me and the girls. :)

Now keep baking babies! We need to make it at least nine more weeks! :D

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  1. Yay!!! I am so happy it turned out well for you! God is good!