Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crap. :(

Well I got the dreaded call today.

I went in for a regular OB appt on Tuesday, and I had the one hour glucose testing done during this. For anyone who doesn't know, this is where they make you drink this really sugary stuff, and then draw your blood an hour later to see how your body tolerates the glucose. This is how they test for gestational diabetes.

First off, I'm a baby. I seriously cried when the nurse drew my blood. The last time she did it, I didn't even feel the needle. This time, it hurt like a mother. I have a lovely deep purple bruise under the tiny red dot to prove it too.

Anyway, this morning, she called me and told me that my numbers were "a little high." I wish she'd told me what the were exactly, but she didn't. So, this means that tmrw morning I get to go sit up at the hospital for three hours and get poked over a three hour period to have this stupid testing done again.

I'm trying really hard not to lose hope. There are lots of people who fail the one hour, but pass the three hour test. I'm just going to pray that I will fall into that category. (Even though I secretly know I will probablly fail this one too considering I was pre-diabetic BEFORE getting pregnant. Not to mention that women who carry multiples in general are at a higher risk for developing G.D.)

I'll let you know tmrw how it goes, the nurse said I should get the results back tmrw afternoon.

Fingers crossed.

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