Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 Weeks and Counting..

They're getting so big my little ones.. :)
This week we've spent a lot of time "talking with one another." It's so much fun. I can't wait for them to actually talk to me so I don't feel so silly. Lol.

We've spent a lot of time playing under a play gym. They seem to really enjoy it these days and I think it's so cute to watch them kick and bat at all their toys.

 Happy baby. :)
Silly Baby. ;)

We've had a rough few nights recently where Kate was awake from 8 pm til 1 am, and then Kara would be awake from 2.30am until 9.30 am. That wasn't super fun, but hopefully we'll get them back on track soon. :) See you next week!

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  1. Adrian!! I am soooo happy for you, here is a late congrats! The girls are BEYOND beautiful..just too cute!! hope mommyhood is treating you well..best wishes!