Friday, February 17, 2012

One MONTH! Holy crap.

Where is my time going? :( The girls get bigger and bigger everyday. In fact, at their one month well baby, Ms. Kate weighed 6 lbs 1 oz, and Kara weighed 6 lbs 11 oz. Our pedi is thrilled with how well they're doing, especially Kate. :) Way to grow baby girls!
Getting a little easier to take their pictures together. ;)

 All cuddled up together.
 Kate in her swing
 Kara in her swing
 They dont look like it, but they love these things, and frankly they're lifesavers when mama needs a shower. :)

 One very hungry Kara!
Thanks to Aunt Meagan for our super cute bibs. :D
 This was the week that we started going to the mall every night to walk. It gets all of us out of the house..and the girls have been sleeping pretty solidly since we started it too. (We've cut out that three am feeding! Yay for mama, because that one was always the hardest. :) )
 See what I mean about her facial expressions?! This girl has me cracking up ALL the time.

This was also the week I started going back to tan everyday. It's been so nice just to have thirty minutes to myself. I'm hoping I can get a little color before our big Vaca coming up in May. :) I have started to notice a pretty big dip in my milk supply though..and I'm starting to wonder if it's from the blood pressure meds? Not sure.

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