Friday, February 17, 2012

Week Three

It's official. Luke's paternity leave is OVER, and I'm completely on my own. It goes surprisingly well though, and it doesn't take me long to settle into a routine that works for all three of us. Breastfeeding is still going a little rocky..but we're doing our best. We're still supplementing after I feed them, and I decide that I'm going to do formula at night since Luke doesn't get up with me. Breastfeeding at night just wasn't working. The girls wouldn't wake up, and they darn sure wouldn't latch for me. So, this was just easier on everyone, especially a very tired mama. I plan to do this until I can get a supply built up in our freezer and then will switch to that for our nighttime feedings.



She's so funny. I love her facial expressions. This was the first week that both girls started to actually smile at us. I absolutely adore it. Especially when they LOOK at you and smile. It's the best. :)
We took a few pics for their birth announcements too. I didnt care for the way any of them turned out. But I'm glad we have them regardless.

 Do you know how hard it is to get good shots of babies together at this age? Danged near impossible!

The rest of the week is pretty uneventful for the babies. I had to go back to my OB so he could do an incision check. Thankfully it had stopped draining at this point and I felt a LOT better.  Another huge bonus, I'd lost 30 lbs since the girls were born! Go me! Which is awesome considering I only gained five with them. I feel great about where I am weight wise now.. I just want to tighten up my fluffy stomach. My OB sees my blood pressure numbers from last week though, and decides to put me on blood pressure meds. It's a bummer, but hopefully it's not a permanet thing. Time will tell..

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