Friday, February 17, 2012

Week Two

Little does Luke know, his brother has made arrangements to come up with my good friend Meagan to come visit! They show up on Jan. 3rd, after a long long day of travel. Bless their hearts. We were so thankful to see them. For the most part we just spent time together, and hang out with the new babies. :)
 Kare Bear.
 Katie Bug
 Kate's first bath.
 Kara's not so fond of bathtime. :S
Our little love bugs. :)

For the most part the rest of the week goes smoothly. I discover a pocket of fluid underneath my C section scar though, and have to go to the OB. He tells me that sometimes this happens, and they likely just missed something when they were coming back up through the layers. He tells me it will work itself over to a spot and leak out. Absolutely disgusting, but I finally felt a bit of relief. My stomach as been so sore, and this helps some of the swelling go down. He's slightly concerned about my blood pressure now, and has me buy a cuff to take it at home. I have to come back next week with my numbers.

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