Friday, February 17, 2012

Our hospital days.

Boy it seems like a bit of a blurr now, but it felt like it drug on and on while we were there. Luke and I knew that we wanted to stay in the hospital as long as we could. Take ALL the help you can get in the beginning, especially for first time moms..and definitely since we had TWO new babies to learn about. We ended up staying for four days, which is the max I could stay after having the C section anyway.

Day One, was mostly spent trying to figure out how to breastfeed. I NEVER expected it to be so hard. I really thought for something so natural, it would just kind of come to me. Boy was I wrong. It took several attempts before we realized that I'm not the same size on both sides, and because of that, our little Kate could only latch onto one side. But we eventually got that part figured out. I was really upset because I'd ordered food, and the nurses yelled at me and told me I couldn't eat because the meds would most likely make me sick. (Thinking about it now, yeah, that makes sense. And I'd been really upset if I'd hurled..I mean my stomach hurt just BARELY moving, can you imagine if I'd wretched? I'd probablly tore something!) They wouldn't let me bathe I ended up looking like this
A hot mess! Lol, but who blames someone who just had a natural birth..AND a C section? Halfway through the day, they had me get up out of bed..which is when I was transferred to the chair. And a little while later, they made me get up and walk around. It was after this that they took my catheter out. I was a little upset, because I KNEW that meant I was going to have to get UP and out of bed to go to the bathroom. This day..was definitely hard.

Day Two
I get to take a SHOWER! Yay me! I felt like a BRAND new woman! Haha. This was also the day where Luke and I actually attempted to hold both the girls at the same time. :)
 My sweet little girls. Kara's on the left, Kate's on the right.

 Ms. Karalynn Rose
My adorable little Kathryn Marie and her silly little facial expressions.

 We even had a visit from Santa. ;)
The morning of this day the girls pediatrician decides that Kate needs some help regulating her blood sugar, and she's placed on an IV. This is the most pitiful thing I've ever seen. They couldn't get it in anywhere else, so they had to place it in her scalp. :(
Day Three
This day was pretty uneventful, minus us discovering that Kate likes to projectile vomit after she eats. :S We put her on Zantac for this, and it seems to help her not throw up all over everything. She still spits up pretty bad though. (Her pedi said it's just from her being so small.) The rest of the day we just spent time with the girls, getting used to caring for two babies at once.

Day Four
We prep to go home! I'm so nervous, and beyond scared. But we have to do it by ourself at some point. :)

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