Friday, February 17, 2012

Our first few days...a hospital story.

Let's try this again. Blogspot ate my last post. :(

It all seems like a blurr now, but I remember while we were in the hospital I felt like it drug on and on. Luke and I knew we wanted to stay as long as we could. We knew we needed all the help we could get in not only caring for a newborn..but TWO. So we stayed the max of four days after the girls birth.
Day One- Dec 21st
Today was spent mostly getting me up and around and making sure I wasn't going to have complications. I NEVER knew I could be so swollen. I looked like the marshmellow man. skin hurt. Especially on my feet and ankles, where the swelling seemed to be the worst. (This was all from the ridiculous amount of fluids they'd pumped me full of for the C section.) They also wouldn't let me actually bathe, so I got the joy of doing a sponge bath. :S. They got me up and out of bed that morning, sitting me in a chair for an hour or so.
I was looking a hot mess, but I'm sure noone blames me. I mean, I did just give birth less than 12 hours before..both vaginally, and by having surgery. :(

The rest of this day was spent by me learning how to breastfeed. Boy..for something I thought was supposed to be natural, it sure was a lot of work.

Day Two - Dec 22nd
We discovered Kate has trouble regulating her blood sugar. (I've read that sometimes this happens in babies whos mothers were on Metformin during pregnancy. I'm really starting to wonder if that's what happened with her.) Regardless, her pediatrician puts her on an IV, which is the most pitiful thing I've ever seen. She's so tiny, they can only place it in her scalp. :(
The rest of this day is spent with me, once again, trying to get this breast feeding thing down. We finally discover that I'm not the same size on both breasts, and that little Kate can only latch onto one side. (This makes it go a bit easier as far as that goes..) But I break down crying at one feeding because it is literally so painful that I don't think I can keep doing this. (Especially since my milk hadn't come in yet.) I think my nurse took pity on me, and she brings me a nipple sheild. Holy MOLY was that thing a life saver. We decide to supplement the girls after each feeding to help Kate with her blood sugar issues, and to hopefully prevent the girls from losing too much weight.

Hey! I get a shower today! :D It's also the first time Luke and I attempt holding the girls at the same time.
 Our little razorback fans. ;)
My little Karalynn Rose
 Sweet Kathryn Marie, and all her funny facial expressions.
 Daddy and his girls. :)

We even got our first visit from Santa. :) (Two days before Xmas eve)

Day Three - Dec 23rd
Today was just us spending time with the girls, and me, once again, trying to get the breast feeding down. We discover that Kate likes to projectile vomit after her formula feedings. She's then placed on Zantac, which seems to help a bit. But she still spits up after feedings, at least it's not exorcist worthy though. We also have to start putting her on a UV blanket for her jaundice. (And we're keeping a close eye on Kara's levels.)

The nurses are also really concerned about my blood pressure staying elevated. But my doc thinks it's just because I'm still in so much pain.
Day Four - Dec 24th
What a Merry Christmas! We get to go home! Most of the morning is spent prepping for this occasion. The girls end up leaving the hopsital at 4 lbs 8 oz, and 5 lbs even. They were both SO tiny.
 Kara in her going home outfit. :) I LOVED these onesies. It was sad how big everything was on them though.

 Daddy putting Kara in her carseat.

 Since Kate isn't 5 lbs (The minimum weight limit), we have to put this thing under her bottom called a "Hug Me Joey." It's supposed to make her fit in her carseat the way she's supposed to. She's still pretty tiny in there though.
 All ready to go home.
Our first night home goes off without a hitch. The girls did extremely well. Mama had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the every 3 hour schedule, but we're getting the hang of it. We're so excited that tmrw my dad and brother are coming to visit! Just in time for Christmas! :)

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