Friday, November 1, 2013

16 weeks!

Whoo hoo! I've hit the four month mark! I'm feeling less awkward about how big my bump is. Lol. 

The baby is now the size of an avocado, approx 4 1/2" long and 3 1/2 oz. 

I felt the baby actually kick one of the girls last week. It was pretty neat. :) 

Last week I had a pretty weird incident. Last tues when I went to lay down for bed, out of nowhere this intense pain/pressure hit me. It was from the middle of my ribs to my navel and wrapped all the way around. I couldn't lay, sit, or stand. I seriously almost went to the ER. But, I waited it out and called my OB first thing the following in the morning. The pressure was more intense, and now accompanied by nausea/vomiting. So my OB basically pokes on my stomach, and then tells he thinks I have a strain of flu that's been going around. Yuck. 

However, he told me to call if it wasn't better the next day. It wasn't. They sent me immediately for an us. The tech spent almost the entire time searching my gall bladder, pancreas, and liver. My OB had me come in for bloodwork too. That night, was rough. I was so uncomfortable it was unreal. 

The following day, it was gone! I was so relieved. My OB had me come back in just to once me over, and to talk about the us/bloodwork results. Come to find out, I had a gall bladder stone and had passed it. 

Apparently it's not totally uncommon for pregnant ladies to have this happen. He said sometimes a woman that's had completely asymptotic stones, will pass them out of nowhere. Weird. I had no idea. Chalk it up to another weird side effect of pregnancy I guess. 

During the u/s we did get a little peak at the bambino. Thankfully the little booger did completely fine through the whole ordeal. 

And here's the bump in all it's glory. ;) 

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