Monday, May 23, 2011

Ultrasound! :D

Luke and I went in for an in depth u/s today. I must say, I'm so in love with the little ones. To see their little hearts just beating away melted my heart. The tech moved my due date to Jan. 8th, based off of ovulation. Which is right where the little ones were measuring (7w1d). Not that it really matters, I'm sure they'll make their appearance in Dec. anyway. :) Anyhow here's the little ones!

I know they don't look like babies yet, but I still think they're adorable! :D Baby A's heartbeat was 152 bpm and Baby B was at 164 bpm. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your ultrasound pictures, Adrian! I am ecstatic for you and Luke; you will be great parents!!