Friday, August 19, 2011


We found out last week what our beautiful little babies are..

If you haven't heard, they're girls! :D Below are some ultrasound pics from our appt. They say on each one which baby it is. Baby A is our ornery little girl, she's SO active, kicks her mama ALL day long. And the poor tech was chasing her ALL over my belly. (I have a feeling she'll be like me. :D) (She's the one that's been along my left side all along. She rules the roust, she's all over, from my hip, to along my left side, up under my belly button. She's everywhere. All the while her poor sister is squished over on the right side, almost always along my hip extended up my right side. I'm pretty thankful they're in their own sacks, otherwise I'd be a little concerned with out much A beats up on B. Lol. Baby B is very calm, and I imagine she'll be like her Daddy. :)

 So that's why she's always kicking me! Haha. Look at those long legs!

 I thought this one was precious. Our shy little girl covering her face with her arms. :)

I can't lie. I'm so exstatic that they're girls. I was really hoping for a boy and a girl, that way Luke and I could just be done if we wanted. And now, Luke's already convinced that we're going to have another baby when the girls are old enough. We'll see, he may change his mind when his little princesses get here. He's already named them, "Tater" and "Tot." Lol. He said whichever one comes out first will be tater, and the second will be tot. It makes me giggle, and I think it's sweet. :) We're still discussing actual names for them. We have a pretty decent list, but for whatever reason Luke doesn't want to commit to any of them just yet.

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