Friday, April 20, 2012

11 Weeks

Sorry it's a little late. ;) We had a pretty busy week. On thursday the girls and I went to Luke's work and ate at the chilli cookoff. And Friday we took them to meet Sonja, majors wife, who threw our baby shower for us. And on Saturday, St. Patty's Day, we took them down to the parade in town. It's ridiculous how big a celebration it is here. They claim to be the most irish town in the U.S. Lol.

This week the girls really started to notice their hands. Which mama finds out by having slobbery fingers grasp her all the time. Quite gross. Haha.

I finally got the girls mobiles up in their room. Remember these?

 Kate's Mobile

Kara's mobile.

They turned out so cute in the rooms! They both really liked them. Kate kept laughing at them. I'm so glad they seem to like them so much because mama spent a lot of time working on em. ;) I tried to get them giggling, but I just got a few chuckles. Haha
It snowed big this weekend too. Like half a foot big. The most we've seen this winter. I thought it appropriate to dress them like this. ;)
Happy 11 Weeks girls! Can't believe you're going to be three months this coming up weekend. :S


  1. Do you mind me asking how you conceived the girls? I have PCOS and have tried several things, but they say it's not a bad I really don't want to do IVF unless absolutely necessary.... you can email me at if you'd like! :) Thanks!

  2. Not at all. Part of the reason I came out about our struggles with IF is so I could hopefully help others.

    It was pure luck and the help of God's hand that helped us conceive the girls on our first round of medicated help. My DH and I had been trying on our own for almost a year and a half before they allowed us to attempt Clomid. So, we did 50 mgs of Clomid with TI, and later that month I got my BFP. I was completely in shock. Both Luke and I were expecting to go through rounds and rounds. And there's no telling, the next go around we may not be so lucky.

    I was also on 1700 mgs of Metformin, but that was due to my insulin resistance. I have a dear friend of mine who was able to conceive after introducing Met. If you haven't attempted either of those routes yet, I'd ask your OB. Everything's worth a shot.