Friday, April 20, 2012

Month 3

Wow I'm a slacker. :( I'm so sorry. I think I've decied that I'm going to start doing monthly posts about the girls. So please forgive that I've missed the last few weeks. Plus with our vacation coming up, we'll be gone for a whole month anyway.

So, we've had some big milestones this past month! Kate officially rolled over! It was just shy of her turning 13 weeks. I'll attempt to upload the video I have..IF blogger cooperates and doesn't take hrs like it did last time.

Kate also offically laughed yesterday! I mean..REALLY laughed. I was laughing so hard with her I cried. It seriously was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I can't wait for Kara to do it too because thus far whenever she's like a fat kid laugh. I die it's so funny!

Kara is getting really good at sitting up assisted. She can almost do it propped by herself too. I wish Kate would show more interested, but she just doesn't. She still isn't bearing weight on her legs..which concerns me a little. IDK, I think she's like me and just does things on her own time.

I'll upload some pics next week from this month. :) Til then!

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