Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seven Weeks

I'm 7 weeks today! (Still going off ovulation.) 

The baby is now the size of a blueberry. 

It has developed arms and legs but they're still very paddle like at the moment. 

I'm still feeling like crap, but it's validation that I'm pregnant. So for that I'm thankful. 

I'm down two more lbs. Mostly because I just can't eat. 

Now for the good stuff. Our us on Mon went well. There's just one little bean in there. (That we know of. I still can't shake the feeling it's more than one still.) we saw the little heartbeat. It was hard to make out, but definitely there thankfully. My OB asked me to come back in two weeks so they can accurately measure it and solidify an estimated due date. (Not that it will matter. I'm likely going to have a RCS around 38 weeks.) Our next appt is Sept 11th. 

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