Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Six Weeks

Still no bump pic. ;)

So I'm "six weeks" today. According to my O date. We may have a  new date when I update next week after the u/s. (The 26th.)

The baby is the size of a sweet pea. (Still super tiny, right?)

At this point, the baby's heart should be beating away. This week it will start to develop eyes, nose, and the ears. It's also starting to form little arm buds. I'm hoping we'll get to see all this on Mon.

I was super wrong about not getting morning sickness. It hit me HARD last week. I'm basically surviving on saltines at this point. But it'll pass in a few months hopefully. I'm pretty stinkin exhausted still, but that too shall pass..hopefully. ;)

I'm down four lbs since last week. So two from my actual PP weight since I'd originally gained two on top of that.


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